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The Artist

With an affinity for occult stories, an obsession with horror movies and a love of doom and death metal music, and (of course) Krampus, Ken Miller has spent three decades experimenting with tenebrism and chiaroscuro. While devoid of color, his illustrations are not bereft of feeling as they express a conflict between the real and the abstract. Monochromatic tones are softly blended over textural foundation created with a coarse application of medium. Ken Miller has a BFA from the University of the Arts, and resides in the mosquito-infested swamps of Tinicum, just southwest of Philadelphia.

Pictured: Ken (right) w/ Krampus (Model unknown), Baltimore Comic Con, 2022

Ken Miller 


University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
BFA, Illustration

Solo Exhibition

Ad Mortem Luminis: Dark Art by Ken Miller, Grindcore House, Philadelphia, PA, February-April, 2020

Group Exhibitions

First Art Show, Grindcore House West, Philadelphia, PA, April-June, 2023
Empty Night Skies: Benefit for Bat Conservation International, Grindcore House, Philadelphia, PA, April-June, 2012
Visions of Terror: A Collection of Horror & Sci-Fi Art, Philadelphia, PA, October, 2004

William H Ely Illustration Thesis Exhibition, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, April-May, 2001

Album Art/Design

Architects of a Broken Design, The Name Stone (Single), 2020

Architects of a Broken Design, Total Collapse, 2020

Dare I Say, This Is Where The Hero Falls On His Blade, 2005

Dysphoria, Dysphoria EP, 2014

Eaten Alive, Demo EP, 2016

Eaten Alive, Masterpiece of Ignorance, 2017

Grave Blankets, 10-12-41, 2020

Havens, On The Verge Of Collapse, 2019

Johnny Neutrino and The Order of the Crawling Hand, The Phantom EP, 2020

Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon, Doom Bots (Single), 2014

Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon, Seven Steps to Supervillainy, 2014

Last Day Dying, Lover's Arms, 2006

Last Day Dying, Nite EP, 2004

Last Day Dying, The Romance EP, 2009

Seismic, Seismic EP, 2020

Seismic, The Time Machine (Single), 2023

The Rumblers, Resistor Radio, 2011

Wilderhost, Psykhe, 2014


Arte Arcana Death, by Heavy Music Artwork, 2021

Deadhorse, Book One: Dead Birds, by Eric Grissom & Phil Sloan, 2013

Monochromes 2020, by Heavy Music Artwork, 2020

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