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Please be advised that due to a busy convention schedule and in-progress commission projects, there is the possibility for an undetermined waiting period for commissions at this time, however please be encouraged to submit an inquiry be in line for a piece of art.

Price for commissions varies depending on size, medium, and concept. While most of my portfolio work is black and white, I do work in color. Right now, I am only accepting commissions that fit my style. If you are looking for a dark piece of art to hang on your walls, shoot me a message using the form below.

Thanks for submitting your inquiry. We will be in touch with you about your project soon.


Most of the commissions I receive are within the music industry, however I've been approached by some for personal pieces to share in their homes and galleries. Subject matter is up to the client. Creative expression is taken by Violent Visual to give a true genuine vision.

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